Why would you want God to consume you? You really don’t want the fire of God,,,, seriously!

I’m shocked more and more at the worship songs that call down the fire of God. And can any Bible disciple show me a text about “the fire of the Holy Ghost”? Because people don’t study their Bibles, at best they read them, and think these things are for God’s children. The Bible says, “study to show thyself approved “. The text does not say; read, to show thyself approved. When you study its with intent. When you read it’s mostly for pleasure. God rewards good intentions that come from the heart…. Why is it worship leaders say, “set my soul on fire” and preachers scream about, “Holy Ghost fire” and that ain’t in the Bible ? Well there are several possibilities here that are reasonable answers. They don’t study the Word of God to see if their message is in it, that’s one. They go with the flow instead of the Holy Ghost, these are the kind ones. Matthew 15:9 But in vain do they worship me, teaching for doctrine the commandments of men. Commandments of men ain’t doctrine. Doctrine comes from God’s Word, not from man. Jesus says right here, But in vain do they worship me.” When you sing psalms, spiritual songs and songs that are contrary to God’s word Jesus says its useless. Where do the “commandments of men” come from? Doctrine is the Word made flesh, the Truth. The opposite of Truth is a lie. The opposite of Jesus is Satan. Therefore Satan designs the “commandments of men”.

As a song starts and exalts God and His marvelous grace and paints the feelings of our hearts in words, we are in a different place. The lyrics tell us that The Holy Spirit is like a river pouring God’s love through us like fountains of living water. This sounds like John chap 4 to me. And the next verse calls for Jesus to send the Holy Spirit fire to burn within us and consume us, WHAT ????? Does any Bible disciple know the meaning of “consume ?”  Here, I’m walking you through the search for the meaning of consume. I look in my concordance and find consume, in my concordance I find on page 217 the word ” consuming” as used in Hebrews 12;29 “For our God is a consuming fire.” The word “consuming” is referenced as #2654 in the Greek lexicon. I look up #2654 and it reads; “to utterly consume.” I’m still not satisfied with my understanding so I go to Webster, check this out !! Definition #1 to destroy by or as if by fire. When something is destroyed it no longer exists. For God to consume your soul as you sing the lyrics and request this, it would be for God to destroy you. Does that sound like a prayer you want answered ? Does God hang His head in shame that His children through the ignorance of His Word make such an impossible request ?

It would be awesome if we could only find a reference in the Bible of God sending His consuming fire on some people. Well, there’s plenty. Let’s look at one you will find curious. 2 Kings chapter one. As Elijah sat on a hill a captain of fifty men came to him. In verse 9 the captain says, “Thou man of God, the king hath said come down. 10 Elijah answered and said to the captain of the fifty, If I be a man of God , then let fire come down from heaven and consume thee and thy fifty. And there came fire down from heaven, and consumed (destroyed) him and his fifty. 11 Again also he sent unto him another captain and his fifty. And he answered him and said unto him,  O man of God thus hath the king said, Come down quickly. 12 And Elijah answered and said unto them, If I be a man of God let fire come down from heaven, and consume thee and thy fifty. And the fire of God came down from heaven and consumed him and his fifty. 13 And he sent again the captain of the third fifty with his fifty. And the third captain of the fifty went up, and came and fell on his knees before Elijah, and besought him, and said unto him, O man of God, I pray thee, let my life, and the life of these fifty thy servants, be precious in thy sight. 14 Behold there came fire down from heaven and burnt up the two captains of the former fifties with their fifties: therefore let now my life be precious in thy sight. Fire, consuming fire fell on the first two groups and the captain of the third group wanted no part of it. This was consuming, destroying, burnt up fire. Lets see what Jesus says about this consuming fire. In the Bible Luke 9: 54 we read the story where some Samaritans reject Jesus. James and John step in to straighten them out. 54 And when His disciples James and John saw this, they said, Lord, wilt thou that we command fire to come down from heaven and consume them even as Elias (Elijah) did ? It’s very important to note the words of Jesus. 55 But he turned, and rebuked them, and said, Ye know not what manner of spirit you are of. 56 For the Son of man came not to destroy (consume) men’s lives but to save them… Jesus rebuked his disciples for wanting to call down fire from heaven on people. Jesus said people of His Spirit don’t do that. Jesus came to save lives not destroy them. What are we doing when we are calling down fire on us ? How ridiculous is it for us to ask God to destroy us when He longs to bless us.

Twice in the scriptures Satan has sent, or will send fire and God gets blamed or credit for. Consider Job in the Old Testament chapter 1. Satan has just unleashed mayhem on Job and is destroying all his possessions. A servant comes to Job and in verse 16 we read, The fire of God is fallen from heaven, and hath burned up the sheep, and the servants and consumed them; This fire was not from God. In the book of Revelation the antichrist in chap 13 vs 13 performs a miracle. 13 And he doeth great wonders , so that he maketh fire come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men. 14 And decieveth them that dwell on the earth  by the means of those miracles which he had power to do.

One day as the worship team leads the church in singing and begging God to send fire, It shall fall ! Yet, it will not be from God, it will be from Satan and everyone on the earth will be deceived..

The most important task laid upon ministers is to prove their teachings by the Word of God. Be it preaching or singing it must line up with God’s Word…


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