“The woman at the well” A pause between parts 2 and 3

I’m taking this opportunity to allow and encourage you to search, “woman at the well” on the web if you have not done so. We are going to enter part 3 of this study that will be extremely challenging and controversial. Its important that you examine your heart and see if there be any evil treasure buried there. When the Holy Spirit led me into this study I had no idea of the changes I would have to make in my heart. Those changes convicted me and showed me that I don’t always judge with righteous judgement. I was strongly influenced by people’s opinions and gossip. I was like a baby bird in a nest with my mouth wide open waiting for someone to stick their words in. The Holy Spirit has shown me that I was too quick to make a judgement about someone. Listen up, there in lies our problem. Think about this; when your in the process of evaluating someone your taking in bits of information, their like bricks, your building a wall of opinion. Sometimes, if we don’t like their purse or shoes, clothes, hair, Prada, Chanel, Levi’s, Under Armor, cleavage, lipstick, ball cap, whatever, we immediately start using evil bricks to build that opinion. We reject any and sometimes all good bricks and build a wall of evil opinion. Then before someone else can form their own opinion about this person we share our evil and destroy the chance this person ever had to make a good impression, that’s called gossip. One of the keys to proper judging is to slow down, give that person the benefit of the doubt, slow down. Usually a negative thought will be corrected and an evil thought will be dispelled if we slow down. Most people take the evil and run with it. Satan tries to destroy a God-given meeting of two people to hinder the ministry. If not that, Satan wants to bury evil treasure in your heart so that you ruin your testimony by negative, degrading, gossip. Trash in, trash out, it cant come out unless you put it in.

With the woman at the well we have seen a different person in part 2 than has been portrayed in church and biblical teaching. What my position is that, given the text we have here in John chap 4:1-42, I can prove the teachings I received from the Holy Spirit about this woman with more logic than has been established by traditional beliefs. I welcome all input positive and negative, iron sharpens iron. If you have a difference of opinion then by all means state how you formed your opinion. Was it from scripture, culture, tradition or maybe its just how you believe. Dr. Windsor, my homiletical professor, said to always qualify your statement. He said, ” if its your opinion, don’t mislead the people into believing your saying its in the Bible, qualify the statement.

In this next part 3, we will see psychology Jesus used to test this woman that’s never been presented before. PLEASE read John chap 4: 1-42 again very slowly. Look and pause, chew thoroughly every word, this is meat,  vs. 32 to eat that ye know not of…. To God be the glory…


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