Slavery- God’s method of accountability


With an increase in controversy on the subject of slavery, I felt a need to revisit this topic. God is in total agreement with the act of slavery. Before you disagree you need to check the biblical references to slavery and understand the difference between men stealing and slavery. One was punishable by death and the other was needful and accepted by all of society. What has been the problem in today’s times is this: menstealing has been called slavery for hundreds of years. One of the ten commandments is: Thou Shalt NOT Steal. In Deuteronomy Chapter 24:7 it tells us, “if a man steals another man and makes merchandise of him or selleth him then that thief shall die and thou shalt put that evil away from among you.” For those that only believe in the New Testament scriptures, in First Timothy Chapter 1:7 states “men stealers” is associated with murderers, liars, ungodly, lawless, and disobedient. God has never been in support of a man stealing and selling another man.

On the other hand, God promotes slavery and the performance of being a respectful and obedient slave. So what is biblical slavery? In biblical times if a person borrowed money and could not pay it back the person became a slave to the lender till the debt was paid in full. If that person died before the debt was paid their children became slaves until the debt was paid in full. Some people, during their period of slavery, would grow close to their masters and did not want to leave their masters. For many other reasons, these slaves became a bond slave. A bond slave was a slave by choice. The apostle Paul wrote in First Timothy 6:1, “Let as many servants (slaves) as are under the yoke count their masters worthy of all honor, that the name of the Lord and His doctrine not be blasphemed.” The stealing of a man and selling him to be a worker without pay is totally against God’s standard for humanity.

One of the longest periods of what the world calls “slavery” existed in Africa. The Egyptians forced God’s people to work under the whip and beatings of their taskmasters. After 400 years, many plagues, discomforts then the death of all the firstborn in Egypt the Pharaoh let God’s people go.

Slavery was God’s method of accountability, you owe a debt it gets paid back. Not stealing a person and selling them as merchandise, this is sin. It is wrong.



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