The sin in Gambling

When the bible is silent on a particular subject, how do we know that God approves or disapproves of our participation in that act? Is there a way for us to determine right or wrong without reading “Thou shalt not.” I’m convinced that a true (mark the word true) Christian can see the sin in anything, that Christian, with the help of the Holy Spirit can walk away never to sin no more.

The problem with some sins is the deception and hook are so intelligent and deep few can pull away momentarily to see the destruction as it happens. I will write later about my deception and hook, satanic powers used to remove the conviction, the wall, God had put between gambling and myself. My deception is different from yours.The demon of gambling is a specialist with a tailor-made trap for each individual. The traps are different but in the end the sin is the same.

Suicide, suicidal ideation and attempted suicide are very common amongst compulsive or addicted gamblers. Mental health practitioners state that addicted gamblers have the highest suicide rate of any addicted group. Is suicide the sin in gambling? NO. Suicide is obviously the result of the sin. An addicted gambler never looses consciousness from one to many bets. Nor does gambling physically impair a person or destroy their liver. The end of the line or rock bottom occurs  when all resources have been depleted, credit cards are maxed out, kid’s piggy banks robbed, stashes of cash gone, no more loans from relatives or friends, no equity left in the home, everything of value in the pawn shop. This is when suicide becomes the best option to an addicted gambler. How fast does this process occur? It is totally different for every human being. It could be weeks or years.

Let me warn you, if you are a Christian the Holy Spirit does not sit with you at the poker table or slot machines. The Holy Spirit will not drag you away from the craps table or the lottery counter. If someone is praying for you and in that moment before you kill yourself you can hear the Holy Spirit, you will hear Him ask this, ” How do you feel?”  Your answer will be, “I feel like killing myself. I feel so stupid, how could I have been so stupid? I was a winner, why did I not quit while I was ahead? I was winning, now I lost all that, plus my money I walked in with and everything I could borrow, how could I have been so stupid?”

This is the not the only time an addicted gambler feels this. This exact feeling occurs hundreds of times in the course of being an addicted gambler every time they lose. If you are addicted to gambling, you are never a good looser. This was exactly what happened to me after ten years of believing a lie. The Holy Spirit came to me at my lowest point, at the point of killing myself.

If this feeling of killing yourself was not bad enough, there is another sin that’s worse than how you feel. Let’s go back to the question the Holy Spirit asked, “how do you feel?”  after you ponder that question, the next one you will hear is, “how do you think they feel when you take their money?”  Answer: they feel like killing their selves, and some people do. That is the sin in gambling. When you make someone feel so low as to consider suicide you are working for the devil.

Jesus says in John 8:44, that the devil was a murderer from the beginning. John 10:10 Jesus says, “I am come that they may have life and that they might have it more abundantly”

Death is of the devil. Life is of Jesus Christ. To make someone want to kill themselves, for whatever reason, is a sin.

After that night, on the sidewalk outside the pool hall, the Holy Spirit revealed the sin in gambling to me, I quit. I have never scratched a lottery ticket, I don’t flip a coin to see who goes first and I never use the term “Do you wanna bet?”

So how did I get to that point? How did I overcome the hate and disdain my mother had for gambling? Understand this, my mother was the Godliest woman I ever knew, she was one of Jesus best friends. If my mother said it was wrong it did not have to be in the Bible, and God backed her up. I will never forget my mother’s words when she found out that I was frequenting the pool hall gambling. She said, ” I pray to God that every time you go into that pool hall you lose every penny you got !” I don’t know if a woman of God can put a curse on ya or not, but that happened almost every time.  Knowing my mother hated and opposed gambling how did I justify, how did I reason away the conviction of the Holy Ghost? I had some powerful help from one of satan’s demons. Knowing that my mother was my example of Christianity and everything God stood for, the demon had to discredit her. My father coached women’s softball and my mother played and that team was real good, always winning. Being raised in the church from infancy and being a Christian I could not knowingly sin. Deception is entered voluntarily of one’s own freewill. Satan can not force you, as a child of God into sin. The Bible reads, There hath no temptation taken you but such is common to man: but God is faithful, who will not suffer you to be tempted above that you are able; but will with the temptation also make a way to escape, that you may be able to bear it. 1 Corinthians 10:13. Most if not all demonic deception begins with a question. Sin is a decision that you ultimately make with the help of the deceiver. Here’s the way the demon worked. His objective was to discredit my mother the example of  Godly Christianity.

The question he started with was, ” what’s wrong with gambling ?” This is where I made my first mistake, I answered. I said, “well, my mom says its wrong.” The demon says, “really? come on think about it. Does your mom play softball?” “Sure, I said, so what?” ” When they play a tournament, they pay an entry fee right?” said the demon.” ” Sure and your point is?” He goes on, “well, when you play the hand, you ante up, that’s like the entry fee, right? ” “I guess so”, was my reply. He keeps leading me, “when your mom plays the game, they play seven innings. When you play the hand, you play seven cards. Pretty much the same, wouldn’t you say?” “OK, I can see that, so what’s your point?” Then the demon sets the hook, he says, ” when they win the tournament they win the trophy. When you win the hand you win the money. Looks the same to me, what you think?” “Sounds right to me.” The conviction was gone, I yield to the deception and grieved the Holy Ghost. I sat there in a smoke-filled room for years wasting the life Jesus gave me. I remember looking at these guys at the table and thinking to myself, “Everyone of these men are at least 35 years older than me. Will I be sitting here like them until I die?”  I didn’t hear the Holy Spirit for ten years. Ten years later the Holy Spirit came to me on the sidewalk outside that pool hall, revealed the sin to me in gambling and I quit. That’s been over thirty=one years ago. I hate gambling. After I collected my thoughts and repented I wrote this poem.

How easy it is to be deceived

When a lie from Satan I believed.

A voice that sounded so soft and sweet

and all my humble desires it could meet.

Trust me, the voice said, it will be all right

I will never leave you and I’ll hold you tight.

It’s up to you to decide,

God knows you need to feel good inside.

Just once, just one bite

Then you will see everything’s all right.

Look at your Godly mother

she serves God and for her, there’s no other.

When they win, the trophy they will get.

There’s no difference when you make a bet.

You see, sins not that bad your father is a great guy.

Everybody loves him, and he’s your dad.

Your young, why romp and play?

In the house of chance, you are, day after day.

Now that you’ve traded the young for the old,

Can you feel your heart growing cold?

Deal the cards and shoot with the stick

It will be ten years before this stuff makes you sick.

Ten years I rode upon this lie and never once asked anyone why ?

I was 27 and ready for my life to end,

till I heard the voice of a long-lost Friend.

As a caring loving friend would say,

“How are you doing? how do you feel this day?”

” They took all my money ! You know how I feel !

It’s not them but, me I want to kill!”

“I understand, said this friend, yourself you must not kill.

Herein lies the sin, How do you think you make them feel?”

My pain, my hurt, my fear is worse than I can say.

He replied, “If you would think with your heart,

you would know they feel the same way.”

Sin exposed, my friend turned on the light.

I could never take their money and think it was right.






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